The Snack Bar

The Snack Bar

Although our main aim is to get Mum & Dad’s off their bottoms playing with their youngsters, for the not so adventurous there is a seated snack area where you will be able to enjoy a not-so-quiet coffee.

Try our well-stocked snack bar for items that will renew energy levels.

  • A great selection of hot and cold drinks
  • Hot cabinet items such as meat pies and sausage rolls
  • Cold cabinet items such as sandwiches, muffins and slices

Please be aware that we do not have room for large celebration gatherings in our general seating area nor any birthday celebrations. We do NOT allow birthday cakes or birthday party food in our café area. We have dedicated party rooms and a prior booking must occur. Please have respect for this rule to avoid offending other guests.

Unlike all of the other indoor playground facilities, we allow you to bring your own little lunch box from home filled with yummy snacks and drinks. Being parents ourselves we know how important the budget can be when paying for a true “playground experience”. Therefore because we allow you to bring your own lunch box treats from home, the only rule we ask you to adhere to is to keep it restricted to school lunch boxes. We will not allow large portions (pizza, fish n chips etc), fast food or takeaways (McDonald's, KFC etc), plastic bags from the supermarket, picnic baskets or chilli bins in our general seating area.

  • BOUNCE & BEYOND is the perfect place for fundraisers and group events, walk in play, birthday parties, sports team parties, field trips, and play dates. If you have a group of 15 or more, call us to schedule a playtime. Whether your group is from a school, daycare centre, sports team, civic organisation, religious organisation, home school or just a group from your neighbourhood, BOUNCE & BEYOND is the place to play!

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