8+yrs Zone

Our largest area has been designed for children 8 years and over, as well as for those 'young at heart'. Smaller children are also welcome to play on the inflatables with parent's supervision and assistance.

As a business who values customer experience, we constantly rotate our inflatables so our customers have a fresh experience from time to time, therefore photos below are for general information only.


Little kids who love trucks will be in awe at the first sight of this Monster Truck Bounce House. A must for the little car enthusiast!

Originally purchased to be part of the "littlies" area, it was just too massive and had to be included in the larger play area.

Parents please supervise your under 7's in the "older kids" area as this one will surely rev their engines!


Our inflatable obstacle course lets you race against your friends over hills, down slides, and through pylons.

Kids and adults love racing each other on the inflated course! A great way to get your family up, exercising and participating in the fun. Find out if you have what it takes to make it through this 17 metre long inflatable obstacle course.


Our newest interactive game! Time yourself and your friends and see how long it takes you to get through all this exciting inflatable has to offer!


This inflatable attraction is a giant run way…..how far can you get?

Go "head to head" in this exciting challenge. The winner will be the participant who places the velcro marker the furthest along the inflatable channel. Made especially for kids, teenagers and adults - it offers a great bonding experience for parents and their kids.


Boxers stand toe-to-toe in this giant inflatable bouncy boxing interactive game that provides a boxing atmosphere without the injuries.

With fun oversized gloves and safety helmets give your best friend or hubby a left hook, uppercut and finish him off as you bounce across this amazingly fun inflatable.

So put up your dukes and “let's get rrrready to rrrruumble” inside Bounce & Beyond’s inflatable boxing ring!


Have you ever had the urge to beat on your best friend with a giant inflatable stick? Great news - now you can knock them into oblivion with our quad jousting arena (safety helmets provided).

This inflatable 4-person joust arena is great fun for young people and those who are young at heart. See who will be the last one standing!

Ready your weapons, get into position .... and joust!


This one is a real "SHOW STOPPER". All you can say when you see this amazing inflatable is, "Whoa that's cool".

Double slides keep the fun going non-stop. The climbing stairs in the middle is nothing to sneeze at either. Loads of fun; an instant favourite. Feel the adrenaline rush while flying down the 40 degree slope of this giant slide!

If you're feeling adventurous, and in search of extreme fun and excitement, this is the slide for you!!


Bounce yourself silly inside, and attached to the side of this bounce house is a 6 foot tall slide for a fun exit out of the ride.


Challenge yourself on our 6 metre high climbing wall. This giant inflatable mountain simulates rock climbing as it should be, safe and fun! Race 2 of your friends to the top!

Unfortunately due to the number of staff needed to keep this inflatable safe to use, it will only be available at certain times throughout the day. (Safety harnesses available).


This inflatable attraction is a giant, oversized velcro wall.

Step into a multi-coloured, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After getting some air with a good bounce, you will find yourself hanging around on the 5 metre velcro wall. The suits and the wall are made to hold both adults and children, and offers a great bonding experience for you and your family.

The Sticky Wall is sure to impress and will give you an experience you will never forget.


The Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It's big, it's bold, and it's extreme! It's the ultimate high energy game.

Climb atop your own inflated pad and compete against 3 other competitors. Grab the wrecking ball and hurl it at your opponent in an attempt to knock them off their inflated pad. As the wrecking ball swings back, try and grab it! The last player standing is the champion.


Shoot some huge hoops on this oversized basketball hoop!


Not exactly for playing on, but they sure do make for an awesome photo opportunity!

This oversized princess throne will be sure to delight your inner princess!


Not exactly for playing on, but they sure do make for an awesome photo opportunity!

This oversized king's throne will bring out your inner royalty!

  • BOUNCE & BEYOND is the perfect place for fundraisers and group events, walk in play, birthday parties, sports team parties, field trips, and play dates. If you have a group of 15 or more, call us to schedule a playtime. Whether your group is from a school, daycare centre, sports team, civic organisation, religious organisation, home school or just a group from your neighbourhood, BOUNCE & BEYOND is the place to play!

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